Authorisations and traceability

As part of its Management System, MOVILEX includes a specific procedure for the Process of Collecting, Transporting, Reception, Classification, Storage and Valuing WEEEs, in which the necessary documentation is included for collection and transport from the origin to the treatment facilities. In this process, the origin, transport and final destination of the WEEEs are identified. This documentation has been adapted for compliance with the new Royal Decree 180/2015, of 13th March, by which the transfer of waste within State Territory is regulated, and Royal Decree 110/2015 on Waste Electric and Electronic Equipment.

Once the WEEEs are received at the MOVILEX facility, they are classified, stored, and treated according to type of WEEE, batches and production lines, in accordance with Annex XIII of Royal Decree 110/2015 on WEEE. The fractions obtained are identified using labels that provide information about their origin and they are sent to authorized managers for their usage as raw materials in productive systems, closing the waste’s life cycle.

All of these measures guarantee the traceability of all the WEEEs collected and treated at the MOVILEX facilities, from their origin until their final evaluation.



  • Scrap Vehicle Line: AAU 15/054
  • Metal Line: AAU 12/214
  • CAT Line: AAU 16/111


  • Valuation: AAI 13/014
  • NHW Transportation: EX/427
  • Hazardous Waste Transportation: EX/134


  • Non-Hazardous Waste Line: 528/V/RNP/CV
  • Hazardous Waste Line: 644/V/RNP/CV
  • WEEE Line: 7/V/RNP/CV


Movilex constantly adapts to the best technology and processes to ensure the recycling aims and indices (%) established by regulations.

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