Movilex Scrap Vehicles is a line of business dedicated to the decontamination and recycling of all kinds of vehicles (cars, lorries, buses, motorcycles, aircraft, boats, naval transport, industrial machinery, etc.) at the end of their useful life.

Movilex Scrap Vehicles recycles all the waste that a car no longer in use generates, complying with all the current legislation on the environment.

Movilex Scrap Vehicles is an authorized recycling and decontamination centre for vehicles that are no longer in use, and an authorized manager of waste such as oils, tyres, catalysts, glass, plastic, etc.

Services offered

Movilex Scrap Vehicles offers a complete and free collection service for all kinds of vehicles that are no longer in use. We have specialized cranes and accredited transport vehicles available.

As a complement to the scrap vehicle collection service, Movilex CARD manages and processes the deregistration of your vehicles directly with the National Department of Traffic (DGT), once the comprehensive waste management process is completed, and the environmental destruction certificate is obtained and communicated to the DGT, the official deregistration documentation will be provided.

With this service, we also support and assess local councils in management tasks relating to processing and certifying vehicle deregistration.  Likewise, we assess the workshops and companies in waste collection activity, for decontamination and elimination.

From the collection of the scrap vehicle until its valuation, we carry out the whole management process for waste generated by vehicles in the following stages: decontamination, classification, cutting and recycling.


At the same time, we offer this same comprehensive management service for dealers, workshops and all other types of companies in two forms:

  • Comprehensive management of waste that may be generated
  • Comprehensive management for recycling and recovery of vehicle parts and elements
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