Movilex Metal is the line of business dedicated to comprehensive management of metallic waste for the recycling and recovery of ferrous (steels, irons) and non-ferrous metals (aluminium, copper).

These types of metals mainly come to Movilex via one of two routes: either derived from the other Movilex divisions (ELV and WEEE), or through the service for directly purchasing and collecting metals, on both the national and international markets.

Services offered

Like Movilex ELV and Movilex WEEE, Movilex METAL offers its own collection service for all types of metals. We make national and international purchases.

As part of the comprehensive scrap metal management process, Movilex METAL is dedicated to recycling all types of waste from both its collection service and those which emerge from its other subsidiaries: metallic elements from vehicles and electronic and electrical devices.

Movilex METAL aims to increase each component’s recycling percentage, returning raw materials to the start of the value chain. Once the scrap metal has been collected, it is separated into ferrous metals (iron and steels), non-ferrous metals (copper, aluminium, lead and tin) and alloys such as bronze and brass. We also recover copper and aluminium wires.

We are specialised in the management and maximum recovery of metals. We hold the Unified Environmental Authorisation.

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