Movilex WEEE is the Movilex subsidiary devoted to comprehensive management (decontamination, dismantling, recycling and recovery) of waste from electronic and electrical devices.

At Movilex WEEE, a comprehensive management process for both small and large electronic and electrical devices is carried out, as the subsidiary holds the Integrated Environmental Authorisation for treating them. This is in addition to offering a Temporary Storage Centre and a treatment and fragmentation plant.

Services offered

Collection and certified transport of electronic and electrical waste and/or devices at all production points, shops, public institutions, Temporary Storage Centres, household waste recycling points, etc. to our own storage centres and recovery plants.

For this service, Movilex WEEE boast logistics professionals who are specialised in transporting all types of WEEEs (hazardous and non-hazardous) from their point of origin, anywhere on the Iberian Peninsula, to our authorised facilities and centres.

This collection service is available for both public and private companies, organisations and institutions and household waste recycling points across Spain.

Waste storage and classification across mainland Spain, through Temporary Storage Centres which cover most Spanish Autonomous Communities.

  • Toledo: Community of Madrid and Castilla La Mancha. A Coruña: Galicia.
  • Sollana (Valencia): Valencian Community, Aragón, Catalonia and Murcia.
  • Lobón (Badajoz): Extremadura and East Andalusia
  • Valladolid: Castilla y León and Northern Spain
  • Seville: Western Andalusia.
  • Setúbal (Portugal).

From the collection of electronic and electrical devices to their recycling and recovery, we take care of the entire management process for the waste generated.

Movilex WEEE has developed numerous different production lines to efficiently manage these waste electrical and electronic devices, through decontaminating and dismantling:

  • Large electrical devices: hazardous and non-hazardous;
  • Televisions, CRTs and flat screens;
  • Computers, CPUs and small domestic appliances.
  • Air conditioning and oil radiator heaters.
  • Fragmentation and separation line for metallic and non-metallic fractions.
  • Management services for local councils’ household waste recycling points.
  • Collection and management service for batteries.
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