Movilex Recycling Group

Movilex Recycling Group – The Recycling Solution

Movilex is an international company that provides comprehensive management of hazardous and non-hazardous waste through different lines of business.

Based on reverse production models, Movilex develops its activities as part of an innovative system of collection, decontamination and recovery of waste, focused on controlled traceability from the waste supplier to the end client.

With presence in six countries in Europe and Latin America, it has a multidisciplinary team of professional who certify the correct environmental treatment of each process, ensuring the quality of the fractions obtained, and respect for the environment.

We work within the circular economy
as an urban mining operator
with capacity for global supply

All our efforts are centred on pursuing the best recovery of the components of the different types of waste that we work with, which include:

  • Scrap vehicles (Cars, Transport Vehicles, Boats, Ships, Aircraft).
  • WEEE (Domestic and Professional).
  • HMS Metal (Ferrous and Non-Ferrous Scrap).

All our resulting fractions have standard specifications for sale on the international market by an authorized end manager.


Recycling – efficient, sustainable and efficient – of waste generated by society, ensuring balance in the system, both in terms of the environment and the economy, in a way that guarantees that they will be long-lasting.


To be a global operator in the recycling chain, with the ability to unite all sectors (industrial and consumption). To provide comprehensive management that guarantees the processes of transformation into fractions, of quality and specifications, to incorporate the flows of the market as a secondary raw material and in this way help to minimize the need to consume natural resources.

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