Our company meets the legislative requirements that the markets and administrations have established for the correct development of activity in environmental matters, of quality and social responsibility.

Likewise, Movilex internally applies fundamental principles which have guaranteed the path which has led us to where we are now.

Respect for people

Professionals are, above all, people.


Because the sum of the group boosts performance and makes it easy to get the best results.

Continual improvement and standardization.

If things can be done better, we have to try.

Customer service

To satisfy customers, we first have to tend to them.

Fulfilling commitments

Without aims, deadlines or rules, it is difficult to meet identified challenges.

Enthusiasm, passion, eagerness

Just like life itself, if these ingredients are missing it’s better to dedicate yourself to something else.

What can we help you with?

If you need us, call us.
If you have residue, call us.